LI‐SP‐01 | Silver Paste | Likhotronics

LI‐SP‐01 | Silver Paste

Likhotronics | Description:

Silver paste/ink is a silver flakes in an organic polymeric solution. It is specially formulated for printed electronic applications on PET. Plausible application would be all kinds of electrodes such as sensor, heater etc.

Likhotronics | Product Advantages:
  • One component system. ‐ No mixing required.
  • Solvent based system
  • Electrically Conductive
  • Refrigeration not required.
  • Eco‐friendly solvent system
Likhotronics | Ink Preparation:

Stir (or shake) the ink thoroughly before use to ensure the product is well mixed, care should be taken to avoid introducing air bubbles. Do not add used ink back into the container to avoid cross contamination.

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Likhotronics Properties of the Uncured Paste:

Test Properties
Solids 62‐65%
Density (g/mL) 1.10
Viscosity* (centipoise, cP) 6000 at 10 shear rate
Substrate compatibility PET
Printing Polyester Screen, 100‐120 mesh

Likhotronics Curing/Drying Schedule:

Test Temperature
Oven drying 180°C for 45mins

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Likhotronics Typical Properties (when dried/cured):

Test Properties
Sheet Resistance 0.05‐0.08 Ω/□/mil
Resistivity 6‐9 x 10‐7 Ω.m
Adhesion 5B on PET

Likhotronics Storage and Shelf‐life:

Containers should be stored as specified with lids tightly sealed at room temperature (25°C).
Normal shelf‐life is 6 months. Extended shelf‐life can be achieved by storing inks in a fridge at 4‐8°C (do not freeze). Allow ink to warm up to room temperature before opening.

Likhotronics Cleaning:

The dried paste can be cleaned using solvents such as BuOAc.

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